Quito – Ecuador

We apologize for the lack of updates recently, we have been busy travelling. We will try to keep you all more up to date in the future. Since our last blog post we haven’t actually moved so far in terms of distance but we have still been up to quite a bit.

About 2 weeks ago we crossed the border in to Ecuador. It involved 3 buses, 8 hours on the road and 2 travel sickness pills between us before we rolled in to Quito – Ecuador’s capital and the highest capital in world. Although not far away from Colombia, Quito already felt different to any other Colombian city. Slightly calmer, a little bit cleaner and a smidgen more developed. The people looked different too. Our hostel was located close to the old town so that is where we spent most of our time.

Day one started with a ‘free’ walking tour because it’s always nice to get a quick and early introduction into the city or country you are visiting. The tour wasn’t the best, but we still learnt some of the basics, like how Ecuador ended up using US dollars as their national currency.

On day two we visited the middle of the earth, the equator line where North and South meet. We knew before we arrived there that there were two equator lines 200m apart. One was calculated by the French in the 1700’s and the other more recently with the invention of GPS. When we arrived, we asked to see the newest (most accurate) line and to make a short story shorter we paid to see the “wrong” one. Despite this, it was a great visit and we shared it with 99% of everyone else who came to see the line because the older site one is the one they make money from.

Day three was a more physically challenging day as we took the Teleferico cable car up to a view point with spectacular views out over the entire city with multiple snow-capped volcanoes in the distance. Not entirely satisfied with the views, we continued walking upwards until we reached the top of Rucu Pichincha, a 4698m (none snow-capped) volcano. As you can imagine, the views up here were even more breath-taking. At the summit we were accompanied by two very nice-looking birds that now know are called Cara Cara.

Our last day was spent exploring more of the old town. As enthusiastic church and cathedral admirers we had a look inside every one that we came across and at the end of the day added a few more churches to our favourite churches list. San Francisco church and La Compañía de Jesús were beautiful.


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