We are home. A shorter stay. With mixed feelings.

As we write this blog post we are sitting in Frida’s family summer house in Sweden. Not exactly where we expected to be just 24 hours earlier. Sometimes life throws you curve balls and this week we were thrown a big one. About seven days ago whilst sitting in our hostel room in Nyaung Shwe, Myanmar, we received the phone call that everyone dreads, and will eventually get at some point in their lives. Frida’s granddad wasn’t doing so well. Doctors could not tell us exactly how long he had left – could be days, could be months, could be a year. We were naturally caught off guard, leaving us shocked and saddened. Travelling suddenly wasn’t important anymore. We tried to absorb the information and wait for more news. A few days went by and we were able to facetime Frida’s granddad a number of times. He was in very good spirits: laughing and joking as usual, just slightly more tired than normal. A few more days passed and it seemed that he starting to get weaker and was sleeping more and more often. We were hoping to be able to use the flights we had already booked and see Thailand, South Korea and Mongolia before headed home but we soon realized that this wasn’t going to be the case. So, late on Wednesday afternoon we thought to ourselves “what are we actually waiting for?” and booked a flight back to Sweden first thing the next morning. The rest of our travels or money or anything else was no longer important, the only thing that mattered now was to meet up with our beloved grandad, Frida’s best friend in life. We woke up at 04:30 for an 08:15 flight from Yangon to Doha and to Stockholm. Two six hour flights with a four-hour transfer wait was the only thing between us and being able to say hi to Grandad and the rest of the family. Eight months after leaving Sweden we were back. We rushed through customs and picked up our heavy backpacks, just as have done dozens of times of the last few months. We speed-walked towards the arrivals gate, nerves but also excitement building up with every step. After a slight pause, we turned the corner to see Frida’s dad for the first time in 8 months. We thought the tears in his eyes were of happiness from seeing us but his face and slight shake of the head said it all. He had just got off the phone 30 seconds prior to us walking around the corner with the worst possible news. Frida’s Granddad had just passed away.  Had we arrived just two hours earlier we would have been able to see him before he passed. It was heart-breaking and there was nowhere to hide as lots of tears were shed in a busy arrivals gate. After flying halfway across the world to get home in time but we were hours too late. Although we were a few hours late we also feel grateful that we are here now and able taking it all in with family around us instead of being alone on the other side of the world.

We will take it easy now while we come to terms with everything. We will be back on the road again, soon enough.


Min farfar drabbades av cancer, en stor tumör i levern som inte gick att rädda. Vänligen donera en liten slant till Cancerfonden om du känner för det. I framtiden kommer det att göra skillnad och vi alla kan få spendera mer tid med dem som betyder allra mest!

Kära Farfar, du har lämnat oss med en enorm saknad. Jag är helt förkrossad över att inte få träffa dig igen, min käraste och bästa vän. En vecka har gått och jag känner en otroligt stor sorg och djup saknad. Du var, du är, den som betyder allra mest för mig. Du är den ärligaste människa jag någonsin träffat. Jag tittar mot himlen och fantiserar om att du befinner dig där uppe på en plats vackrare än vad man kan föreställa sig. Jag kommer aldrig att glömma dig och alla de minnen vi har fått under de senaste 28 åren. Du ska veta att jag alltid kommer vara öppen för om du skulle vilja besöka mig på något vis. Jag älskar dig Farfar! Vi hörs snart igen.

Till minne av min Farfar, Gert Edvin Larsson, 1925-05-16 – 2017-07-06


”Så låt de sista ljuva åren, bli de bästa i vårt liv.
Den lycka som vi känner, låt den stanna livet ut.
För när vi kommer fram till dagen, då mitt hjärta slutar slå.
Då ska du tänka på de stunder, som var vackrast i vårt liv”


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