If you’ve ever googled Myanmar then you have most likely seen a picture with a bunch of temples with some floating hot-air balloons around them in front of a beautiful sunset. A stunning photo indeed, which is one of the reason we decided to head that way after a few days in Yangon. Bagan is an ancient city where over 10,000 Buddhist temples, pagodas and monasteries were constructed. Today, 2200 temples and pagodas remain and we thought it would be a good day trip to visit as many as possible. We rented an electric scooter and started driving. We didn’t have to drive far at all, all the temples as are so close to each other that if you are standing on one, you will always have a few more within a stone’s throw away. We spent all day riding from temple to temple, sometimes stopping for a water brake in the shadows while dodging locals trying to sell us postcards.
One of the main things to do whilst in Bagan is to catch the sunset while the sun slowly goes down behind the temples giving a great light for photos. We weren’t too confident that we would be able to see any sunsets at all in Myanmar thanks to the ongoing monsoon season but the weather treated us surprisingly well in Bagan and we were able to see the sun setting from the tourist hotspot, Shwe San Daw Phaya. A good end to long day of exploring.


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