Ipoh and Penang

Although we visited these two Malaysian towns over one month ago now, we still thought they would be worth mentioning.

Ipoh is probably more of a stop-over town where people don’t stay for more than a day or two. We saw very few tourists during the days we were here, which is always very nice, but less tourists usually means there is also less to see. It has some street art, old colonial building and a few temples but that’s about it. We just enjoyed walking around the streets and seeing the locals going about their own business.

Unlike Ipoh, Penang is a tourist hotspot where everyone seems to make a stop. Most of the tourists (just as we did) will go to Georgetown. As the name suggests, it is a former British colonial city, one of the first British settlements in Southeast Asia, and it also happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A lot more is going on here and there are plenty of thing to see and do. We spent a lot of time looking at all the heritage architecture, more street art, enjoying some Indian food in Little India, visiting cafes with air conditioning and botanic gardens. We also rented a scooter for a day a visited a cat beach with over 200 cats and a batik factory.


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