Melaka (Malacca) – Malaysia

Booked a bus on the wrong day and had to pay double for another bus to be able to go keep traveling as planned. Our wallet wasn’t happy but we made it across the border and were given a Visa for 90 days in Malaysia.

Arrived in Melaka, a city on the west coast a little bit south of Kuala Lumpur, and headed towards the hostel via a local bus and a shorter walk. Tired and super sweaty we checked in and were shown to the 12-bed dorm two floors up. Water was leaking from the ceiling, the smell of mould wouldn’t leave our noses, there was no toilet paper or soap in the bathroom, the beds must have been from a WWI hospital and air conditioning was non-existent – we sat down – took a deep breath while Jack said optimistically “This is what traveling the world feels like”.

The city of Melaka is worth a visit though and you don’t have to choose the cheapest hostel possible for your visit. It has a lot of history thanks to the Portuguese, Dutch, British and Japanese occupations and there is a good balance of the old together with the new. Stroll down along the river for cosy houses with mural art on the walls while waving at Asian tourists passing by in one of many river boats or visit one of the shopping malls for all the modern clothing brands and restaurants. If you want to, you can buy the latest crazes (made in China) on the night market along Jonker Street (A UNESCO world heritage street) or sing karaoke on the small square next to it. We weren’t brave enough to enter the stage for karaoke but paid about a Euro for the fidget spinner. If you are feeling adventurous, many market stands offer to melt your ear wax for a small coin or for you to try octopus and chicken feet fried in something fatty. If you’re not interested in the previous two then jumping on one of many colourful trishaws (a light three-wheeled vehicle with pedals, used in East Asia) for a fun ride with loud music blasting from its speakers seems popular too. Melaka is a cool stop for a day or two, we are happy that we stopped by.


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