Singapore – Welcome to the future

The republic of Singapore, a small country or one big city if you so prefer.  Proudly independent since breaking away from Malaysia in 1965. Today, 5.5 million people live here and it has become one of the world’s most powerful and forward thinking cities, and believe it or not their first spoken language is now English which makes it very easy to get around.

We knew Singapore would be very different to other Asian cities but we were still very (and pleasantly) surprised at how different it really was. Even by Western standards everything is extremely clean and modern with amazing futuristic-looking buildings around every corner. 80% of the city centre looked brand new, like it was all built within the last ten years. Our stay in Singapore was only for 4 days but we feel like that was more than enough and we are happy to move on. When you are semi-professional city power-walkers, like us, it’s possible to see a lot in 4 days. We walked many kilometres each day (through energy-sucking heat and heavy showers) and along the way we managed to see all the touristy things you are supposed to see including the three towers with a boat on top (Marina Bay Sands), to the Super Tree Grove in Gardens by the Bay. Unfortunately, we are on a tight budget, but if you do have money to spend then Singapore is heaven for shopaholics. We couldn’t believe how many individual shopping centres (‘malls’ if you have a tough time with English) there are. You could easily visit a new one each week of the year, even if you do just window shop with your face pressed against the windows like we did. During our marathon walk we also managed to visit Universal Studios theme park, numerous gardens, markets, Chinese temples, Indian temples, Mosques, museums, galleries, memorials and all those other fun and free things. We really enjoyed Singapore and if we ever travel to Asia again, we will make sure to buy an empty suitcase and stop here for some great shopping and leisure before heading back home!

Ps. Didn’t see one single dog here during our four days of exploring. Shame, now we can’t possibly move here either. Ds.



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