Two weeks in Bali – a personal summary

We Landed at Denpasar airport and made our way through to the arrivals exit where Frida’s mum, Maria, was jumping and waving with excitement (completely expected, having not seen her for 6 months). After a few hugs and a quick introduction to Ameer (our guide and coordinator for the villa that we were to stay in), we headed towards our private car with our very own driver, Edi. 45 minutes later we arrived at the villa, our home for two weeks. We also met Tommy here (Marias manly man) and were given a quick tour of the place. The Villa was way above our expectations. Everything was pure luxury. A huge house, a few guest houses, a colourful garden, a view over a golf course, swimming pool, balcony with a billiard table, roofless showers and bathtubs to look at the sky in, our own chef that comes and makes  us breakfast and dinner… you name it, we probably had it!

Over the first few days we visited beaches, a great massage place, a cultural park, relaxed by the pool and just took it all in. We had to remind ourselves that we were in Vietnam a few days before, living on rice and carrying our heavy backpacks from one dirty hostel to the next, all easy to forget when we were sitting down by the dinner table being served whatever food we feel requested after a lazy day under the warm sun.

One morning, whilst eating breakfast in the garden, two people came out from one of bedrooms saying “Goodmooooorning” while stretching after what seemed like a long sleep. It took a few seconds before we realised who we are looking at. It was Frida’s sister, Cornelia, and Tommy’s daughter, Elvira. Both traveled from Sweden to surprise us. Pure happiness!

The next few days were our most productive. We visited various temples, a local fish market, rice fields, more markets, a sacred monkey forest, lay on lots of beaches, watching sunsets and trying the world’s most expensive poo coffee. We also played a lot of billiards at the Villa and few quiz games after dinner. It really was fun being part of a bigger group where there was always someone who was willing to play Piggy-in-the-middle in the pool or share a conversation about life, gossip from home or just about anything that is great.

Then came the day when the family had to travel back home to their commitments in Sweden. We said our emotional goodbyes, shared a few loving hugs and waved as the car rolled out of  the drive way. It didn’t take long after the car was out of sight before the tears started to roll down on Frida’s cheeks. She described it as a feeling of deep sadness and emptiness, like they just died or that they left her here alone and that they would never see her again. An emotionally hard afternoon.

Two days later (today), our last day at the villa, there is still reverberating feeling of emptiness but we have managed to push through the wall. Frida has just finished a Yoga class and Jack is researching where to stay in Singapore where we are heading to tomorrow. It has been two very quick but very nice weeks with lots of new memories to add to our ever growing list!


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  1. Michelle Francisca Lee says:

    I’m from Indonesia and I hope you enjoy Bali! Lovely post btw.

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