Traffic in Vietnam

Crazy, impractical, senseless, chaotic – just a few words to describe the traffic in Vietnam. To us, when it comes to driving in Vietnam, it feels as though we could give many more examples of what they do “wrong” than what they do “correctly”. There don’t seem to be any genuine rules and restrictions on the roads, at least no one seems to follow them. If you are planning on driving the way you are used to back home then you should think again, you won’t make it very far before injuring yourself or someone else. It doesn’t matter if there’s a green or a red light at the junction, people will drive through from any angle anyway, and forget manners and patience, if you are not ready to zig zag your way through everything in front of you then you will most likely get stuck and maybe even get hit by a lorry coming through at full speed with the driver’s hand glued to the horn. Even on the motorway, people do whatever they want. Even though you are driving your scooter in the correct lane on the correct side of the road you will still have to look out for scooters driving towards you against the high-speed traffic in your lane. People here put themselves first so if people can shorten their trip in any way, they will do it and they expect you to be okay with it, even if them means driving up onto and along the footpath to gain 50 meters in rush hour. Trying to signal with your horn might work, but when 50 other people are doing it at the same time, you will wonder what the point is. The locals say that if you can drive a scooter through Ho Chi Minh City in rush hour then you can drive a scooter anywhere in the world. I guess you just have to survive that first…



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