The Arty Fishing Village

A local guy gave us a tip one day to visit an “old fishing village with art on the walls”. We thought why not and rented a bike and took off after having researched the place a little bit more. There wasn’t much information at all about the place but what we did fnd was that there had been a group of South Korean artists and volunteers in the village helping them to create Vietnam’s first mural village with paintings of the environment and local life. Apparently, the fishing village was very poor and almost forgotten about but the murals and the small number of tourists it now attracts have given some life back into it. We drove for about an hour and a half to the village, Trung Thanh.

We really enjoyed the visit, far away from tourists, entrance fees and souvenirs, and grateful that we were able to see it while it is still relatively unknown. We can only guess how this place might look like in 10 years’ time but for now, it was very relaxing and rewarding walking around looking at art on people’s houses after have drinking a huge coconut for less than a euro.

“Artists have spent three weeks painting the walls of more than 100 houses in Trung Thanh, a fishing village in Tam Thanh Commune, Tam Ky Town, Quang Nam Province. The project is a cooperation between Quang Nam government, the South Korean Embassy in Vietnam and several non-government organizations.”

“Participants in the project said that by giving the village a facelift, they wish locals feel proud of where they live and work to conserve it.”


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  1. Stefan (far)Larsson says:

    A special place to remember! 😇 💖


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