Xin chào, Ho Chi Minh!

We thought it was about time to leave the cloudy north and head far away south, to the bottom of country to treat ourselves to some much-needed sun in and around Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s biggest city. (Formally known as Saigon, the city was renamed in 1976 after their first president and revolutionary leader Ho Chi Minh). As soon as we landed things felt different to the north, the most obvious was the heavy wall of humidity we felt the second we stepped off the plane, and the temperature was much warmer too, around 29 degrees in the evening compared to 15 in the north. The city itself felt a lot more modern and developed in comparison with Hanoi. Bigger streets and taller buildings with more parks and trendy cafes. There is a lot to see here but after three days you will probably feel like you’ve had enough and are ready to move on. A few things that we did see (and can recommend) is the Tan Dinh Church (it’s pink!), Vinh Trang Temple and the laughing Buddha, Notre Dame Cathedral from the French occupation, War Remnants Museum and the famous Mekong river. Along with the usual bustling markets there are plenty of nice restaurants and bars everywhere so you never need to walk around feeling hungry or thirsty. It was refreshing to see a developed city like this in Vietnam but we still agree that Hanoi is our favorite so far. But nevertheless, Ho Chi Minh is a cool city and worth a visit!

Ps, Xin chào means Hello!



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