The days are flying by

So, it has been a while since we have updated everyone back home, we do apologize. We are still here, teaching English, on the outskirts of Hanoi in Vietnam. We have been here for three weeks now and are still enjoying it (most of the time). We have 4-5 lessons a week and then lots of free time to explore the surrounding area. The teaching is going well and is starting to feel more and more natural. We teach kindergarten right through to adults and it can be very rewarding; the most difficult aspect for the students is almost always the pronunciation and making lots of strange noises takes up a large part of the lessons. If we were to complain about something it would probably be the weather, we still haven’t seen the sun after three whole weeks, you can feel its heat but it’s hiding behind thick impenetrable layers of dust and cloud. The food is great but there is only so much rice you can eat before it becomes too much and our sneaky rodent housemates becoming a bit of a problem too.  But overall, we a happy and have lots to look forward to, including a weekend stay in Hanoi this weekend (nice to get away from the rats for a few nights).


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