Good morning Vietnam

After traveling for 24 hours straight on 3 planes (which is expected when you pay for cheaper flights), we finally landed at Hanoi International Airport in Vietnam.
As you may already know, Asia can sometimes be a culture shock to many Westerners but thanks to our transfer stop in China for a few hours, I guess you could say that we were given a little taster of what was to come before entering Vietnam. Standing next to people burping from both ends and spitting in every direction is very weird (or different, if you prefer) and people trying to rip you off as soon as you step outside the airport isn’t so pleasant either. Our plan was to take a taxi directly to Everest English Center in one of Hanoi’s many suburbs but when we realized that the taxi drivers weren’t going to take us for a reasonable price, we choose to take the bus instead. We ended up paying 8000 VND instead of 400,000 VND, it’s only around 15 Euro difference but over here it is a huge saving. The bus rolled up and left just as fast, it seems like the buses never really stop here so you should be ready to jump on and off even though the bus might still be rolling. Anyway, a few hours later we crashed in our bed at the center after a dinner with other volunteers and feel asleep within seconds.

Wait, stop! English center? Volunteers? Vietnam? Oh, sorry, I guess we completely forgot to tell you guys about our plans. To keep it short, we applied (about one month ago) for volunteer work as English teachers in Vietnam for 8 weeks.We thought that it would be It’s always nice to try something new. The deal is that we teach a few classes every week and we get free accommodation and food along with a very generous amount of free time to explore the country.

So here we are, just over a week in to our new life as English teachers. It has been a challenging first week in many ways but also very interesting and rewarding, with a few new experiences ticked off too. This really is a new world for us but the more we accept it, the better it gets. We haven’t seen a blue sky yet and the air is very dusty and grey but all the colourful streets, buildings and shops kind of make up for it. There is so much to tell you guys, stay tuned for new updates!

XOXO from us and our friendly house rats



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