“Vinaka, thank you very much”

Not long after you have learned the greeting word, Bula!, you will learn how to say thank you. Fijian people seems to apricate it a lot if you can say “Vinaka” whenever you feel grateful, pleased or just want to show some good manners. And that’s it. If you know how to say hello and thank you in Fijian, then you will be considered as a part of the family (and of course that you never say no thank you to drinking some cava if offered). VINAKAAAA!

Five more days have passed with a several new experiences added to our ‘life experience’ list. We decided to visit Fijis capital Suva, a four-hour long journey by bus. The bus trip took us along the Southern coastline where we could always see the Pacific Ocean on one side and small villages where the locals were selling vegetables and fruit along the road on the other. Suva city wasn’t really anything special to us. If you are not interested in Indian clothes shops, Chinese restaurants or the same souvenirs you have seen many times already then there isn’t much else to see. We thought of the capital as a place we were happy to have seen but not in a rush to see again. Luckily for us, there was a lush, green rainforest just outside the city where we decided to stay for two days to explore. A few days later we were back in Nadi and booked a couple of ‘adventures’. The first one was a zip-line adventure described as excellent on TripAdvisor with its 16 zip-lines through the forest with lunch included. Very overpriced if you ask us, the zip-lines were quite fun but nothing more than that and the lunch portions weren’t on the generous side. The best part wasn’t even being attached to the zip-line but visiting the atmospheric limestone cave where hundreds of swallows were flying around us. The second adventure we booked was a full day boat trip called Whales Tale 5-Islands. This trip was absolutely amazing and worth every penny. When breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and all drinks are included along with snorkeling, kayaking, swimming and relaxing under a coconut tree on an uninhabited island, you just can’t go wrong. And if you have some extra cash to spend then there is massage and hair braiding available too. We didn’t plan to make this sound like an advertisement but it really took us to paradise and we wished that we could have stayed forever. A perfect ending to our Fiji trip!


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