”Bula, Welcome to Fiji!”

”Bula and Welcome to Fiji, welcome home my friend!”. It doesn’t matter if you are the worst of remembering new words or not, a very short while after landing at Nadi International Airport, Fijis only airport, you will be very familiar with the word Bula. Bula is a positive greeting word meaning many things including Hello, Welcome and Good Health. You say Bula to everyone you meet and they will respond with the same word and a smile back to you. The more soul and expression you put in to it when say it the better. BOOOOOLA!

We have now been in Fiji for five days and we have experienced quite a lot already. Arriving at the airport was an experience in itself: first hitting the invisible humid wall and then were greeted warmly with live traditional Fijian music, just around the corner from the surprisingly relaxed boarder control. We knew it was monsoon season before we arrived but we were still surprised by some of the heaviest rain we have ever experienced. But as the saying goes, after rain comes sunshine and we have been pleasantly surprised by the good weather that we have been given. During these five days, we have been accepted by the village chief after drinking the traditional ceremonial drink called cava and clapped our hands numerous times in the process. For you guys who doesn’t know, Cava is made from a special root that has been dried and ground down to a fine powder before it gets mixed with water in a big wooden bowl. It makes your mouth go numb briefly before you start to feel relaxed and free from anxiety, at least that is what it is said to be good for. We have also been taught how to open coconuts, which Jack quickly became good at and soon after he started to collect and open his own. The swimming pool at the beach side resort in Pacific Harbour has been great and we have spent more time than the kids have playing around in it. The food is very nice, especially the local dishes that include fish and coconut sauce. Fiji Bitter and Fiji Lager taste like any other beer but does normally help to relax after a long and hard day under the sun (or in the rain) 😉


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