A rental car brought us more freedom

After hitchhiking for 2.5 months from the top to the bottom of the North island of New Zealand (and saving loads of money along the way) we thought it was about time to splash out and live a little luxuriously for a few days. By luxury, we don’t mean sleeping at fancy hotels and eating at restaurants every day, but a car that would simply bring us the freedom of being able to go anywhere we wanted, at any time. And how we loved the new freedom of ours! As soon as we sat down in the car, closed the doors and put on the radio while the car slowly started to roll, we looked at each other with the biggest of smiles. Frida went “Weeeehoooooo!!” and Jack was quick to add “This is amaaaaazing!” as he turned right out on State Highway 1 in our brand-new Toyota Corolla.

Over these next few days, we got to see some amazing scenic places as we drove through green regional parks and along the rugged coastline, down to the southernmost point of the North island. At Cape Palliser, we stopped to visit a seal colony that had just been through breeding season and it delivered more super cute “babies” than we could handle, most of which Frida, of course, wanted to bring home. In Martinborough we came across an annual fair offering 450 interesting stalls before we went for a swim in the Pacific Ocean at Riverdale Beach. We have stopped for a couple shorter walks, one being a Lord of the rings film location, and have even been invited to share a few beers with some fishermen and their wives. On our third day, we decided to summit Mount Holdsworth, which we almost succeeded in doing before the strong winds sadly stopped us only ten minutes from the top. We slept (for free of course) in our tent for two nights and stayed in the car for two more as the weather quickly changed for the worse. These last four days have given us total freedom and we are so happy with our decision to swipe our British Airways credit-card for once.


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  1. Stefan (far)Larsson says:

    Man blir rätt avis på er, så kram o lev livet.

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