2.5 months in

After having spent two and half months in New Zealand we thought it would be fun to look back at a few of the predictions we made before we left. Most turned out just as we thought, but a few surprised us.

Frida VS Jack. – Who does what first:

Answer before departure // Now

Make a fire: Jack // None of us have made a fire because it is prohibited to start them in most places around the country. Thank god for gas stoves!
Lose the first kilo: Jack // We have both lost around 4 kilos each. Frida: “YEEY!” Jack: “NEEY!”
Complain: Jack // Jack. Maybe it’s true what a few Americans said to us a while ago when we were discussing stereotypes: “English people just can’t stop whining!”.
Solve a problem: Frida // Jack took the decision to start hitchhiking which turned out to be the best solution for a major problem – the lack of public transport in New Zealand. It has saved us a lot of money too.
Being the reason for missing a departure: Frida // We have not missed one yet (touch wood)
Befriending an animal: Frida // Frida says Hi to all animals that she passes and want to bring the majority home with her.
Cry: Frida // Frida. One-hundred-percent. Not a secret that her spaghetti legs struggle to climb bigger mountains.
Get angry: Jack // Jack suffers from FOMO (Fear of missing out) and can get quite moody every now and then. Luckily, he has now started to accept that he can’t see and do everything so the symptoms have decreased.
Get injured: Frida // Frida was badly snow-blind for a few days after a day climbing a snow-covered mountain gave her some nasty blisters on her corneas.
Lose an item: Jack // Jacks new nickname (used to be key-man and wallet-man) is now Fork-man; he has lost our forks twice in two months.
Take the trips most stunning photo: Jack // While Frida writes the blog posts, Jack takes most of the photos.


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