Severe weather warning for the National Park – Part 2

If you read our last blog post about the severe weather warnings for the National Park then you might be wondering what happened to us and how it ended? Unfortunately the predictions turned in to reality and the unseasonable, and rather dangerous weather stopped us from starting the four day hike we had been looking forward to for the last month. Powerful winds, lots of heavy rain and a depressing dark sky forced us to hide away in a hut for four days. We managed get out a few times for some shorter adventures but they always ended up with us becoming soaking wet and cold, even though we were wearing the right gear for it. But we did what we could and we manage to make the most of our days. They say that something always leads to something else and these photos show what we would have missed if we didn’t get stuck in a National Park in the middle of nowhere during a few of  days with harsh weather.


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