Shy lads get nowt

(För svensk kort sammanfattning, scrolla längre ner)

Have you ever heard the expression “Shy lads get nowt”? Neither had we, until we heard it from Jacks Dad with his fading Lancashire accent. For some reason, this expression has stuck with us while traveling and we can easily say that, so far, it has a positive impact on the whole journey. If you don’t ask then you’ll never know, and if you never know then are likely miss out on a lot of things in life. The worst thing that can happened is that someone says No, but if you just keep asking then someone eventually will say Yes! As a tribute to this amazing expression, we have written down some of our own experiences from the trip so far, as proof that it really works to dare asking…

One day became one week.
After walking and hitchhiking for a whole day we managed to get to holiday park (in the middle of nowhere) when our last ride of the day dropped us of there. Tired and hungry we decided to ask how much they would charge for one night camping even though we were trying to save as much money as possible. Just outside the reception, we got the idea of “a favour for a favour”, what if we could help them with something in the park and in return stay the night for free? We went in to the reception and asked, a little shyly, whether they needed any help around the park. From nowhere, the woman (later known as Vanessa) glowed, and a big smile appeared as she called us “Angels sent from heaven”. We planned to stay the night but it turned out to be a whole week. We got our own cabin the whole time which was perfect because it rained for a few nights. We also became good friends with the two owners and, overnight, became gardeners of Matakohe Holiday Park.

Backyard Camping.
One evening, when the sun was on its way down and we were walking (again in the middle of nowhere) after a full day of adventures, we started to look around for somewhere to put up our tent. The problem was that it was very hilly around and only private farmland everywhere with animals walking around which made it quite hard to find a good spot. After 30 minutes of walking we said; “Shy lads get nowt, maybe we should just ask someone if we can put up a tent on their land?”. We turned in on the next driveway towards one of the few houses that we could see and asked – a little less shyly – if it was okay to put a tent somewhere on the land around the house. To our surprise the man said “Of course, anywhere you like. And if you want to sit down somewhere away from all the mosquitos then please feel free to come inside”. We spent the night and woke up to a very cute note outside our tent saying that we were more than welcome to stay another night.

The avocado trip.
Anyone who knows Frida knows that she loves to ask questions. She loves to know anything about everything. This means that on almost all our hitchhikes, the driver is usually talking more than we are, normally what he or she does for a living. We recently got in to the car with a man who had his own orchard and was on his way back there from the town. He was an avocado and kiwi farmer and when the question “Do the fresh ones taste better than the ones from the shop?” came up, it didn’t take long until we were our own a private tour through his garden, with a few Avocados thrown in there too. After the ‘tour’ he drove us further down the road to the next good place to hitchhike from. Whilst we waited for the next car to come to our rescue, we ate the best avocado we’ve have ever had”.


Kort sammanfattning på svenska:
“Blyga grabbar kommer ingen vart” (“Shy lads get nowt” – engelskt uttryck)

På resande fot gäller det att våga fråga. Frågar man ingenting får man ingenting veta och vet man ingenting så kommer man förmodligen att missa en hel del häftiga grejer efter vägen. Att våga fråga har verkligen hjälpt oss framåt under denna resa. Det har tagit oss massvis med mil när vi satt upp tummen för fria bilturer, gett oss jobb och fria sovplatser samt gett oss inblick i olika yrken och levnadssätt. Det värsta som kan hända när man frågar är att man får ett Nej, men vi lovar att om man vågar fortsätta fråga så kommer man tillslut att få ett Ja – och oj vad mycket rikare livet plötsligt blir då! Ovanför har vi skrivit ihop tre olika tillfällen när det verkligen lönat sig att våga fråga. Den första historien handlar om den gången vi lyckades få jobb som trädgårsmästare och gratis boende, den andra historien om när vi fick campa i en vänlig själs trädgård och den sista när vi fick en gratis guidad tur genom en avokadofarm.



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