After rain comes sunshine

The weather over the last couple of days hasn’t really excited us too much. The positive mood-boosting sun has been pushed back behind a thick, never-ending blanket of grey cloud. Yesterday (Wednesday) was a should-we-force-ourselves-outside day, or just stay in, eat all day and watch the cat sleep. Not long after our dilemma began we heard a light knock at the front door and there stood our neighbour, Lisa, coming to save us from death by boredom. She said that herself and husband, Craig, were taking a drive across town and we were more than welcome to join. Of course, we said yes and looked forward to a productive, touristy day.

First stop was Devonport and North Head, one of Auckland’s many cone-shaped volcanoes. Back in the day North head was a Maori ‘pa’ (fortified village) but was more recently fitted with gun embankments and tunnels during WWI and WWII. By now there was a slight drizzle of rain but it didn’t stop us from enjoying the views and exploring the tunnels.

Next stop was Mount Eden but before that we made a short pit-stop on Devonport’s cosy high street, where we were treated to a beer and dippable potato wedges and sweet potato chips. Like North Head, Mt Eden is another one of Auckland’s cone-shaped volcanoes (actually the highest at 196m). We parked the car half way up the volcano, so the climb to the top was nice and quick. At the top was a sacred 50m deep crater, quite a few monuments for various historical events, and best of all, a 360degree view Auckland and beyond.

So, despite the unpredictable and ever changing weather we really made the most of what could have been a wasted day. We saw places that we probably wouldn’t have visited had it not been for our neighbours’ very generous and unexpected invite. Thank you Lisa & Craig

A couples of days later we were invited again by Lisa and Craig for a day out. This time the sun was shining so the only real option was the beach. We went to Cornwallis Beach, also west of Auckland. A great place for a swim and some frisbee! We then ended our dayout at a beatiuful lookout over Huia.


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