Kiwi House Sitting

One of the best things about talking to new people is that it often rewards you with recommendations, tips and opportunities, that you might otherwise not have considered or even known about.  A recent favourite tip of ours was to try Kiwi House Sitting. It basically means that you sit someone’s house while the owners are away for a certain amount of time. While sitting their house, they most frequently require you to look after their pet(s) or to water their flowers but in return you’ll get free accommodation… Great idea, isn’t it!

We made an online profile and then sent a few requests to several people who were looking for people to sit their house over Christmas and New Year. The next day we got a response from a lady called Ryanne, who approved us as her house sitters. She emailed us her address and details explaining how long she wanted us to take care of her house and what she expected from us. Later, when we arrived at the home we got introduced to the family cat, King Louie. Taking care of the lovingly, spoilt, British blue shorthair was going to be our main mission over the next two weeks. We had dinner with the family, mother Ryanne and her three amazing kids, and were given a quick tour around the house and neighbourhood. The family even took us to a local dance the same evening to meet some locals and learn a new Scottish/Irish traditional gathering dance, Ceilidh.

We have now spent three days in the house and are very happy so far. The family have left for their summer holiday up north and it has, for the first time since we arrived in New Zealand, given us time to completely relax and do exactly what we like with our days, without worrying about where we will stay for the next couple of weeks. We are living in a pleasant neighbourhood called Green Bay which is located just south west of Auckland. King Louie is very happy because he gets massage’s and fresh water from straight from the tap numerous times a day, and we are very happy because we get to sleep in a very comfortable bed in a cosy house with Christmas decorations everywhere.


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