A favour for a favour

Have you ever done a favour for someone and received a favour in return? That is what we are up to at least. After numerous days hitchhiking we ended up in Matakohe, a very small village on the west coast, north of Auckland. As we walked towards the only campground in the area, we got the idea of doing “a favour for a favour”. We thought that we could at least ask if the Matakohe Holiday Park, where we planned to stay, needed some help and in return we could spend the night there for free. The woman behind the desk, later known as Vanessa, called us “Angels sent from heaven” and from that day, we became gardeners. Cutting grass, weeding, weeding and more weeding, trimming bushes, picking flowers, fighting off hundreds of insects and some more weeding. You name it, we have probably done it by now, in all weather conditions too. For several hours work a day we were given our own cosy cabin with a double bed and some food on our plates. We are not after the whole working experience thing here but to do a favour for a favour feels like a great deal here. When people welcome you with open arms, then you can’t do much less then stay for a few extra days, or a week to be exact. Ps, did we mention the animals too?


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  1. Hilda Petersen says:

    Hi Frida, don’t forget to watch Donald duck on Christmas day. Just found out that its a tradition for the Swedes to watch a Donald duck cartoon… so happy to have met you and Jack. You are an amazing couple.

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    1. Oh yeah thanks for the reminder Hilda 😊 We are in Titirangi today looking around at the market. Hope you are having a good time with your family! Lovely to meet you too! You never know maybe see you again soon 🙂


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