Letting go of structured life

Imaging having a structured, daily routine, day in and day out. Your alarm clock rings at 6 every morning, you get up and get dressed. You eat your breakfast, brush your teeth and leave for work where you spend about 8-9 hours of your waking time. After that, you might go for some exercise or you go straight home to your couch and fall asleep in front of the tv around 9 in the evening. Life is simple this way. You don’t really have to put any effort in to it as long as you keep going with your own routine while promising other people to turn up at decided times.
Actually, you don’t have to imagine this structured life, you are probably already living it and so have we. Nothing says that this type of life is wrong, boring or bad in any way, we have lived it and we will most likely live it again. But for now, we don’t and we feel good!

It has taken us around two weeks to let go of our structured lives and finally live in the present, taking each day as it comes. We have felt quite a bit of stress and anxiety, have been afraid that traveling maybe isn’t for us after all. But gradually it happend, we slowly let go of our old habits and started to embrace and appriciate the new lifestyle of not knowing what is to come! 



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