One day in Auckland

Good morning to us two and good evening everyone at home. We have now spent a full day in Auckland and are ready to share it with you!

Auckland feels to us like a young city. New buildings everywhere and the sound of machines preparing the ground for new builings are echoing throughout the city. The tarmac is dark and fresh everywhere and there is very little rubbish in site.
It is hard to guess where you are only by looking around. Sometimes it looks like you are in USA but if you then read a streets name you might think you are in London. Asian influences are also present when it comes to food and when you hop on the train you might even believe that you are in Sweden. It is a very muticultural city with people from every corner of the world. You can hear lots of German, Chines, a few eastern European languages and 100 different English accents. It is all a big mix but believe us when we say it is in a good way! There’s also many beautilful parks with huge trees surrounding them and if go you further in you might see a statue of Queen Victoria or someone else connected to British Empire.

We Love: The Pacific laid-back vibe
Areas we like: The harbour  (Wynyard Quarter) and Alberts park
Streetnames we remember: Queens Street, Victoria Street, Quay Street and Customs Street .



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