The Yellow Vaccination Card

Injections are done and it looks like we have survived them all. We have been feeling green in our veins after leaving the Vaccination Clinic, but at the same time, like we have developed superpowers that will protect us from “evil” out there.
It has been quite expensive, together we have paid around 930 GBP (ca 10.000 SEK) after three visits to the clinic. We have also been given prescriptions for Vivotif, a Typhoid vaccine which is taken orally to save us from even more holes in our arms. But all of this is necessary, not just to keep us healthy but also to enable us to visit all the places that we want to see. Many countries require the Yellow Vaccination Card (International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis) at the border before you can even enter the country. Can you cheat and write them all down yourself? No, it requires a stamp from a approved and certified clinic.

These are the diseases and viruses that we now should be protected from:
Hepatitis A&B – Twinrix – x2 (Requires a third injection after one year)
Japanese Encephalitis – Ixiaro – x2
Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis – Boostrix – x1
Typhoid – Vivotif – x 3 capsules
Yellow Fever – Stameril – x1

The cute monsters are representing some of the different diseases and viruses, I “borrowed” them from the kids section at the clinic. /Frida


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