About us: Part 2 – Frida

Name: Frida Malou Fjellstedt
Age: 27
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 66 kg
Countries I have visited (not just driven through) before this trip:  Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, England, Scotland, Germany, France, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal, Estonia, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Turkey, Egypt, South Africa and Thailand.
Interests: Being creative, music, family and friends, writing, organizing, supporting my sisters floorball career, fresh air, dogs and trying new things.

During this trip I think I will: 
Be stressed.
During this trip I hope I will: 
Become a hippie.
During this trip I think the thing that I will miss the most will be: 
My family and to sleep in my own fluffy bed.

Frida VS Jack. – Who I think will do things first:
Find somewhere to sleep: Jack
Make fire: Jack
Visit the pharmacy: Frida
Loose the first kilo: Jack
Complain: Jack
Adapt to another culture: Frida
Solve a problem: Frida
Save the day: Jack
Being the reason for missing a departure: Frida
Become friend with an animal: Frida

Hej på er allihopa! My name is Frida and I am 27 years old. I was born in Sandviken – Sweden and have, except studying for 3.5 years at the University in Jönköping and Uppsala and living abroad in South Africa for 3 months, spent most of my time there. I’m lucky to say that I have been traveling quit a lot already thanks to my parents but my “need” of seeing the world has never been bigger than now.

I have been working on and off since I was 14 years old and have therefore a good CV that normally becomes useful on my working applications. I have a warm and cosy home, a good family and friends, a well paid job and my love, Jack, next to me.. But something is missing and I’m not ready to settle down just yet.

I hope that this trip will open up my eyes to what is out there. I want to learn as much as possible from different people and different cultures. I want to feel free and I want to grow as a person. I want to feel inner peace and calmness that can grow within me. What more is there to wish for? The best is yet to come!


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