Shoes arrived today! ūüĎ£ūüĎü “Leave your boots at home and go for trail running shoes instead” is the new way of doing it apparently, so that’s what we are going to do. Shoes like this should be more comfortable, are lighter to carry, won’t give you blisters and will dry a lot quicker than boots….

First time with the Osprey rucksack

Took a 7 hour walk yesterday with my new Osprey rucksack (borrowed from Sharples family). Carried approximately 10kg. A good bag with a lot of smart features. But!.. I would be lying if I said that my calves, hips and shoulders aren’t a little bit (very) sore today. Crossing fingers I will get use to…

Vaccinations part 1

First round of vaccinations – CHECK! We got 1/3 Twinrix (Hepatitis A & B) and 1/2 Japanese encephalitis. We have two more vaccination¬†appointments booked and then just need to bring Malaria pills along the way for self treatment if necessary.¬†  

Planning stage

The planning has begun and there are so many things to have in mind! We will write down any useful tips we learn as we go. We are far from being pros in this area but will hopefully become pretty street smart along the way!